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Does the juicer have a good relationship with the speed?

2017-03-09  Hits:

       The quality of the juicer is related to the speed.
       High power, faster speed of the ice-juicer, high speed easy to break the ice, and the upper body of the functional area of the glass material is more hard, more suitable for the needs of summer Jieshu, are juicer in the high-end Product; another is the production of milkshake, broken meat, mixing and other functions of the integrated juicer, through the combination of multi-head, to achieve the majority of the functions required for the general family, the outer wall of the functional area for the plastic; the last category is the function A single juicer, there is a simple juice also has the main function of food crushing, the price is relatively low. Juice effect is an important factor in measuring the quality of the juicer, good juicer should be squeezed clean thoroughly, the fruit contains less moisture.