New Products


  • Color: Black,Silver,Gold,Purple,Pink etc
  • Power:1500W
  • Speed(RPM):27000-30000
  • Voltage:220V
  • Capacity:1100ML
  • Gross Weight: 7KG
  • Functions:With variable speed setting, Pulse, 1100ML jar and mixing rod
  • Features:•Variable speed Control
    •LCD window displays used time and running speed
    •Wet and dry application
    •Thick rubber pad reduce noise and friction
    •Reduces Noise and Friction Design: The optional noise
    •reduction enclosure reduces the sound of the blender while in operation
    •The Two in One strengthen Stainless Steel blades ensure perfectly healthful smooth drinks without unwanted ice or fruit chunks.
    •Industrial highspeed motor, crushing ice in seconds.
    •Premium quality, Transparent, Virtually Unbreakable Container
    •Safety system, only running with jug in place
    •Precision technology